Career Objectives for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer Resume Objective Sample

Mechanical Engineer Resume Objective

When crafting your resume for a mechanical engineer position, let experience be your guide. Schooling and certifications are, of course, needed aspects of any resume and application, but your exposure to the field is something that no one else can replicate. A focus on your strengths and history within the field also proves your work ethic and demonstrates competency to operate within a team environment.

What the Mechanical Engineer Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Although short and directed, your objective statement serves as a first pass introduction to your background and accomplishments. While it is tempting to simply list out your strengths, you should also work to ensure that your communication skills are highlighted. Remember that your resume will likely be one in a stack of many, so your initial contact has to be strong.

Before applying for a position, check that your level of experience matches with the job listing. Focus on those years and the on-the-job skills you have learned throughout your employment. Additionally, since shift-type availability is often requested of mechanical engineers within certain fields, it may be prudent to highlight your willingness to work on a unique time table.

Sample Mechanical Engineer Resume Objectives

Experienced fluid system design mechanical engineer with capabilities to execute technical activities according to outlined policies and procedures seeks a position that will provide ownership of development throughout the product life cycle.

With 10+ years’ within the field, candidate is adept at performing mechanical engineering design tasks related to wire harness/cable design and the interconnecting of electronic equipment. Proficiency in detailed component specs and ICD interpretation, as well as keen communication skills, will provide support within field operations.

Mechanical engineer with 12 years’ experience available for immediate hire. Applicant is CAD modeling and Pro-E/CREO proficient and available to work off-shifts and weekends.

BSME degreed engineer with 5 years’ experience in machine design seeks job within the automotive industry. Candidate is AutoCAD and SolidWorks proficient with strong experience within the automated machinery sector.

Candidate with worldwide experience within the energy sector seeks role within XYZ Company to provide guidance in resiliency and grid responsiveness. Mechanical engineer will offer creative solutions to cyber security, micro grids, and renewable energy resources.

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What are some limitations of a career in mechanical engineering?

The only limitation for a Mechanical Engineer is the sector he chooses to work in. e.g. there are many sectors in mechanical engineering such as: automobile, air-conditioning, thermal, production, manufacturing, fabrication, erection, maintenance, quality, design, etc. Amongst these sectors there are some which can be classified further.
So, if an engineer is working in any of the above sectors for years and he changes his job or sector then he would be considered as a newbie somehow new for that new sector. This is the only limitation for engineers.
Another limitation is it is not a …

How is Mechanical Engineering for a career? | Yahoo Answers

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