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Lafayette’s mechanical engineering curriculum is designed to ensure a thorough understanding of math and science through both required and elective courses in addition to providing a solid technical background via fundamental and advanced engineering courses. Students study a broad spectrum of courses including sufficient electives in the humanities and social sciences to prepare them for a variety of careers, and to fulfill the Common Course of Study. Typically, one course in four in the program at Lafayette is chosen from the liberal arts.

The representative schedule shown below applies to students in the class of 2017 and beyond.


Students are encouraged to pursue a range of subjects through their Elective courses. All Lafayette students must satisfy the Common Course of Study (CCS) requirements. This list indicates which humanities and social science courses will contribute to the CCS.

Mechanical engineering majors in the classes of 2017 and beyond are required to complete 9 math and science (M/S) courses. As many introductory science courses are limited to first and second year students, we encourage you to take those courses early on, by the end of your second year of study if possible.

Technical electives are chosen from a diverse set of courses in design, thermal systems, dynamic systems, and other relevant areas of engineering, mathematics, and science. These courses give students the opportunity to study advanced topics in their areas of interest. Technical electives emphasize the application of fundamental concepts and provide a sound basis for graduate study and professional practice in mechanical engineering. The mechanical engineering program requires 2 advanced ME electives (ME courses numbered 300 or higher).

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