Government Jobs in Mechanical Engineering


- Vacation: Employees may earn up to 21 days per year.

- Sick Leave: Employees may earn up to 21 days per year.

- Holidays: 13 days a year; 14 days during election years.

- Training and Development: Computer, career, and personal enhancement courses are offered; curriculum designed for employee, supervisory, and management development.

- Medical, Dental, Prescription Drug, and Vision Care: Various health insurance plans are available. Premiums are subsidized by the City and deductible from pre-tax income for participants of the Premium Conversion Plan (PCP).

- Group Life Insurance: No cost for eligible employees.

- Deferred Compensation Plan: Invest in your future...choose to defer part of your pre-tax income for retirement.

- Retirement Plan: The Employees' Retirement System (ERS) of the State of Hawaii administers retirement benefits for State and County employees. Employee contribution required.

- Commuter Choice Pre-Tax Benefits: Employees may designate certain transportation expenses (TheBus, LOTMA, Vanpool Hawaii, etc.) as a pre-tax item

- Child Care Center: The Early Education Center is conveniently located next to the Frank F. Fasi Municipal Building. Contact the center directly for more information: (808)533-0004.

- Parking: Some job locations offer parking on-site; others may have access to parking at low monthly rates.

- Direct Deposit: Direct deposit of paychecks to a designated financial institution is available.

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