Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Electrical vs Mechanical Engineering

I am a senior, and for UC applications I need to choose my major. I basically really like three subjects, math, computer science, and physics, all equally. Mechanical and electrical engineering seem to fit this the best, but I am not sure which one to pick. I have taken the Physics AP C exam, EM and Mechanics, and I thought both were very very very interesting, not sure if one was better than the other.

For electrical

I have heard the most electrical engineers eventually become computer scientists or programmers, which is what I for sure do not want to do, because although I do like computers I just have to be working with all three subjects, and I might go insane debugging code all the time (though I'm not bad at it). However, some of the topic in electrical engineering are also closely related to physics, such as solar panels and plasma. Stuff like signaling also seems cool, and also stuff like electrical power systems.

For Mechanical

I really think stuff like Terminator is cool, and it would be awesome to build stuff like that. However, in a internship I'm doing right now, I was given a book to read on stress and strain, and it doesn't seem all that exciting, nothing like iRobot or Terminators. Also, I really don't want to end up doing mechanical design for stuff like hardware. Although that sounds interesting, I want to build stuff like machines that can do work, like robotic soldiers.


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Electrical and mechanical engineering? | Yahoo Answers

I have an MS in Mech Eng'g and here is my perspective. In undergraduate school, MEs had some EE subjects as well (as there are aspects where the two disciplines are related and have some overlaps in the applications). The MEs took more EE subjects than the other engineering disciplines.
I also planned to double major in Elec Eng'g. HOWEVER, I found the mathematics involved in EE out of my comfort zone so I had to forego that plan of mine. I could not stand Laplace and Fourier transforms and the other mathematical intricacies involved!!! Here is one example of an engineering student hat…

Which is more popular electrical or mechanical engineering?

it cannot be answered. can u tel me which of ur eye is better? left or right?
with out electricity nothing can be done in engineering. so it is having importance.
without mechanical engineeering work no artificial material can be created.

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