EIT Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Institute of Technology - Mechanical Engineering Courses

Mechanical Engineering courses encompass the conceptualisation, design, manufacture, control and maintenance of machines ranging from a conveyer, space shuttle to nanotechnology based objects. In broad terms, mechanical engineering channels the energy and forces in nature to the service of people. The fields in which mechanical engineering professionals operate are wide - ranging from oil and gas, power generation, water utilities, process plants, mining, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and defence.

A diploma in mechanical engineering is ideal for anyone wanting to get involved in the general engineering (whether design or maintenance) of large plants, especially as a plant engineer. Recently, mechanical engineering has begun to include many new systems in the electronics and control arena such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and SCADA as these are critical to the control of mechanical devices. A diploma in mechanical engineering is also the perfect pathway to completing a mechanical engineering degree.

Students in the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) School of Mechanical Engineering can study an Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering with subjects that include: mechanics, structural engineering, drive systems, rotating equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, vibration, lubrication engineering, HVAC, pumps, compressors, machinery safety, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

The focus in EIT's School of Mechanical Engineering is in providing students with both deep and broad skills in mechanical engineering technology, focusing on real systems. Whilst there is probably not a shortage of theoretically orientated practitioners in mechanical engineering, there is a need for highly skilled, practically oriented engineers, technologists and technicians, due to the rapidly increasing use of new technologies which are becoming a key component of all modern plants and equipment. Studying our mechanical engineering programs online means you do o't have to take extended periods away from existing work commitments.

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What is the minimum amd maximum education required for Mechanical Engineering

Typically, the bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement for the professional degree, and the doctorate being the highest level of educational attainment.

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