Diploma Mechanical Engineering

Post Graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering(Canada)

Hi both, postgraduate diplomas are most popular among professionals looking to boost their CV, this is due to their highly vocational nature, meaning that students gain great practical skills to take into the workplace. The problem with taking a diploma instead of a master's degree is that many engineering companies now only hire graduates with a postgraduate degree. If you're looking to live in Canada or another highly developed country (e.g. UK, US, Australia) after completing your studies, it might be wise to look into what sorts of qualifications are being asked for in that job market, before choosing between a diploma and a degree.

If you can afford it and your IELTS scores are high enough (which it looks like they are!), a master's degree cannot be beaten in such a competitive job market. There are a number of ways to gain funding for such a degree, such as graduate scholarships and grants, so this can be a way of paying for much of your tuition fee.

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Which Courses are better after diploma mechanical engineering?

Absolutely BE MECHANICAL which is an evergreen subject there are lot of choices regarding mech job oppurtunities are plenty another choice is aeronautical engineering

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