Best Nanotechnology schools

Common Characteristics of the Best Nanotechnology Colleges

Students interested in the field of nanotechnology should know about the top characteristics of the best nanotechnology colleges, in order to make an informed decision on which program to attend. Graduates from the top nanotechnology colleges are able to apply their specialized training to develop solutions to real-world challenges.

  1. Hands-On Learning Experience

Students are exposed to learning in both classrooms and labs to gain hands-on experience with the technology they will use within the field of nanotechnology.

  1. Access to Cutting Edge Technology
  1. Internship/Work Study Programs

Students can work with industry partners to facilitate a real-world learning environment and foster internship and/or work-study programs.

  1. Extracurricular Study Leagues

Universities host a series of leagues or challenges in math, science and engineering where students combine academics with entrepreneurship to compete against other universities.

  1. Clubs/Organizations for Shared Interests

Students join clubs and organizations that focus on their interests in nanotechnology. These clubs introduce students to the field of nanotechnology and how it impacts industries, such as medicine, manufacturing and information technology.

  1. Networking Events

The top nanotechnology programs allow students to connect with academic and industry leaders in the field to collaborate with and expand their knowledge in the field.

  1. Employs an Established Faculty

Distinguished faculty with varied backgrounds and industry experience who apply their expertise to teach students. Accomplished scientists, engineers and scholars build an inspiring learning environment and discover solutions to critical problems.

  1. Tutoring/Mentoring Programs

Students have the opportunity to enroll in tutoring or mentoring programs to help understand concepts in nanotechnology.

  1. Volunteer Opportunities

Top nanotechnology programs offer students the opportunity to volunteer on various projects related to the field directly through the program, indirectly through extracurricular activities or by helping non-profit organizations.

10. Training in High-Tech

Nanotechnology programs implement courses that teach students how to use the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment properly.

  1. Software Development with Advanced Technology

Top nanotechnology colleges prepare students with an education on the latest technologies, hands-on training in software development and the critical thinking skills to turn their ideas into innovative solutions.

  1. Insight into Technological Developments

Students will gain insight on advancements within the field of nanotechnology from faculty and visiting industry leaders who will discuss their company’s latest developments in nanotechnology.

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Where can you find the best education in nanotechnology in the world

MIT and UC Berkley are generally considered the top two nano and microtechnology universities by their peers. On the other hand Small Times (a very well-known nanotechnology magazine) ranks Penn State University as the top nanotechnology research school (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10), University at Albany SUNY as the top university in nanotechnology education (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10) and facilities (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10), and Arizona State University as the top university in nanotechnology commercialization (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10). For a more complet…

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