Applications of Mechatronics

Mechatronic and Robotic Applications of MapleSim

Maplesoft's suite of tools for modeling and analyzing mechatronic systems relieves the burden that is typically associated with using traditional simulation tools to develop high-fidelity models. Maplesoft's next-generation graphical tools for model development and analysis dramatically reduce the time and cost of up-front analysis, virtual prototyping, and parameter optimization of system designs.

With an intuitive multi-domain modeling environment and powerful multibody modeling tools, MapleSim is uniquely suited to developing mechatronic systems, including such diverse applications as robotics, guidance systems, active stabilizers, vibration attenuators, and "X-by-wire" systems found in road vehicles and aircraft.

In this webinar, Dr. Orang Vahid, Senior Modeling Engineer, and Dr. Derek Wright, MapleSim Product Manager, will demonstrate how MapleSim is used for designing systems where open-loop, closed-loop, kinematic, and dynamic behaviors need to be considered. Tools for transferring work into an existing control development toolchain, and real-time simulation systems for hardware-in-the-loop testing will also be presented.

Dr. Vahid holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Waterloo. He has over 10 years of experience in industry covering advanced dynamical systems, friction-induced vibration and control, automotive noise and vibration, and mechanical engineering design. He is a frequent invited speaker and has published numerous papers on various topics in engineering design.

Dr. Wright received a Ph.D. degree in the collaborative electrical and biomedical engineering program at the University of Toronto, Canada. His research has focused on the physics of medical imaging, and he has also worked in the areas of robotics, control, analog and digital VLSI and board-level circuit design, and CCD cameras. Derek is a sessional instructor in the ECE department at the University of Waterloo in the area of circuits

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Application of Mechatronics to Automotives? | Yahoo Answers

Mechatronics is the synergistic combination of Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Control engineering, and Systems Design engineering in order to design, and manufacture useful products.
Cars use to be all mechanical systems with limited to no electrical systems. Now computers play a large roll in how a car functions. Any system that has a computer in it is an example of mechatronics: climate control, throttle, ABS, traction control and more.
In manufacturing, automation and robotics are advanced mechatronics.

What is the application of mechatronics in daily life.

it is useful to know about the things that related to mechanical,computer science,and electricals ..... hence, has it is the combination of three branches it is very very usefull to people who wana do research including this three topics.......

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