Jobs in Mechanical Engineering in India

What are the scopes of mechanical engineering in India?

I would advice you to take a course for the love of it and not for the pay scale it offers, sure it's easier for me to say that without knowing your financial conditions. But look at it this way, taking the course you love will make you go that extra mile and learn things that are not included in the current syllabus (which in fact is highly out dated), this will in turn increase your skill set and make you more desirable by the company that is going to recruit you.

As of 2014, 49% of engineering graduates are unemployable in any sector, and 13% of computer science graduates are unemployable in IT sector.
(Source : ICTACT Bridge Conference 2014)
The students who fall in this percentage are mostly the ones who took a department and engineering in general just for the pay it offers.

coming to the pay scale, a mechanical engineering graduate is currently paid lower than a computer science graduate, but don't let that be the only basis for the decision. My point is, you are gonna spend most of your waking time at work for the next few decades, so try and make sure you actually enjoy the work you do.

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it depends.. but to me i prefer solidwork..
But overall.. you should do on something you really like doing.. it always up to you to decide..
im a mechanical engineering guy and i think anyone with basic engineering knowledge can do it.. experience is the best teacher for me.. you will learn more as you go.. because sometimes it's not just because you excel in methamatic modelling.. it's more to logical design.. i guess.. come on and join the club!

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