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Oday, it is almost impossible to find a product that is purely mechanical. Developments of computers and communication have resulted in products which, if not mainly build around electronics (cellular phones, point of sale devices, computers), are at least controlled by software (toys, kitchen appliances, HVAC). This new course has made the integration of multiple technologies and disciplines a critical factor for a successful product development.

Recognizing the importance of integration, we focus on the creation of true interdisciplinary teams with expertise in different fields, from electronics to environmental studies, as well as cooperating with the people from your marketing department. Although we provide interdisciplinary integrated solutions, our greatest advantage is the Product Development expertise and management of the whole Product Development Process Our knowledge of the market trends and user expectations, in conjunction with our expertise in various manufacturing environments, represents a necessary link between the solutions from various disciplines integrated into an optimized solution and management of the product development process from 'Concept to Production'.

Using contemporary planning techniques in conjunction with our Traditional Engineering approach and extensive experience we successfully manage every product design project providing the agreed upon deliverables on time and on budget. Project management is one of the areas where we constantly evaluate and improve our skills. Maintaining the project schedule from from day one and regularly updating the project critical path, we remain focused on the set goals and keep our clients content by sticking to the deadlines and project plans.

Years of experience in developing products place our Product Development expertise well beyond just mechanical engineering and industrial design activities. We prepare strategies and plans to eliminate risks, including how to deal with all uncertainties and variables, stage activities and involve any special resources needed. Recognizing different situations and specific goals of each individual client, we make necessary adjustments to the process and related activities. Our ability to anticipate possible outcomes based on our past experience empower us to select the best product development path and make right and safe technical decisions in order to maximize the results while minimizing costs.

It is almost impossible to determine when engineering starts or ends. From the solutions in particular field of engineering to compliance with specific regulations and standardards, engineering plays an essential role in the design process. Taking advantage of a highly systematic and analytical approach of the traditional engineering methodologies we have adopted, we offer a repeatable quality of our solutions. The whole design process is controlled and well documented, providing an easy transfer of Know-How. All design actiivites are performed using the top of the line CAD/CAE software and electronically communicated to the manufacturers.. However we still value immaculately prepared traditional drawings / blue prints for the documentation purposes.

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Different between mechanical Engineering design and CAD engineer.

Both are same an mechanical design or engineer design creates a concept and then he build a design that output will be CAD data.

To Mechanical engineers... Mechanical engineering related to LEGO designing? | Yahoo Answers

thank you, I would like to be a LEGo Technic designer. (if you don't know what it is : so I want to get solid understanding of how gears, axels, combination of gears work. I know mechanical engineers have good understanding of mechanics. Should...

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