Mechanical Engineer Design Jobs

Mechanical Designers create new and innovative machines and other devices. Using skills like mechanical engineering and drafting, Mechanical Designers see a project to fruition from the brainstorming stage to the production line. Mechanical engineers tend to be creative, seeing new designs and potential improvements in existing devices. Similar mechanical designer jobs include positions such as mechanical technician jobs.

Mechanical Designer Educational Requirements

A bachelor's degree in industrial product design, commercial art or a related field is typically required to become a Mechanical Designer. There usually is no on-the-job training given; Mechanical Designers are expected to learn everything they need to know while obtaining the degree. A creative mind is essential, and an eye for detail can be very beneficial. Mechanical Designers spend a lot of time in front of a drafting board drawing blueprints for new machines. The ability to clearly document each step along the way makes the designs easier to build.

Mechanical Designer Job Market

The market for Mechanical Designers is small, with less than 50, 000 employed across the country. It is growing at a rate of 4 percent. Those looking for work in the Mechanical Designer field should have a portfolio of potential designs. The products do not have to be real, but the portfolio should demonstrate the ability to conceptualize and create actual designs. Similar positions include Mechanical Design Engineer jobs.

Mechanical Designer Salary

Mechanical Designers earn roughly the same amount across the board, with an average median salary of around $56, 000. The lower limit is around $42, 000 while top earners make as high as $95, 000. Salary is largely dependent on experience as well as the company a designer works for. Designers who have proven themselves to be innovative and skilled can usually negotiate for higher pay than those just starting out. Additionally, designers who create entirely new products can sell the rights and the patent to the product for extra income.

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