Cover Letter for Mechanical Design Engineer

I am a Mechanical Engineer with 8+ years of experience. My goal is to obtain an engineering position with your company as a Mechanical Engineer. I have a diverse engineering background with valuable experience in the semiconductor industry, large scale production window manufacturing and renewable energy.

I contribute strong machine design skills, effective product management, and professional communication skills that help bridge gaps between marketing, engineering, and manufacturing. I am a hard worker and consistently put forth the extra effort to make my team’s goal a reality.

From experience managing my own business, I developed excellent project management and communication skills, allowing for a smooth transition to any engineering environment. I enjoy the challenge of managing multiple projects at once, and the reward of successfully guiding a project from conception to completion.

My experience working in smaller companies allowed me to learn diverse parts of the business and execute numerous roles in order to complete projects on time. I have utilized my strong attention to detail using SolidWorks along with FEA to better validate my design transformation to production.

My years of experience creating process design and detailed automation have provided me with a broad range of experience, but most importantly with a valuable list of do’s and don’ts along the way. I am excited to learn about opportunities for an engineering position with your company, and am confident that I would be a great asset to your team.

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Sample 2:

I am a Mechanical / Project Engineer with project managing and mechanical design experience. Fallowing is the short overview of my professional experience.

After receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering Science from the University of Michigan in January 2005, I took a position as a Mechanical Engineer with Frame One Contracting. The work consisted of designing retrofit kits for automotive dynamometers in order to modify the equipment to the required standard. My professional function was to conduct all of the research and produce all of the documentation necessary for the equipment modifications. I also worked directly with suppliers, contractors, and electrical professionals in order to ensure the equipment was produced to and would performed to the specifications established by management.

In July 2008 I moved to Southern California to work for HELCO Steel. HELCO is a mini-mill that recycles scrap steel into rebar. There I worked as a Project Engineer and was assigned to the plant expansion project team. The expansion project was a $120 million undertaking that was aimed at increasing the plant’s manufacturing capacity while maintaining compliance with California strict environmental regulations.

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