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Chemical engineering thermodynamics

Sandler 4th edition
American chemical engineer Stanley Sandler's 2006 fourth edition Chemical, Biochemical, and Engineering Thermodynamics, a staple chemical engineering thermodynamics book. [5]

In thermodynamics, chemical engineering thermodynamics is the study of thermodynamics with focus on topics and applications unique to the profession of chemical engineering, such as fluid mixtures, solution thermodynamics, chemical reaction equilibrium, phase equilibria, vapor-liquid equilibrium, adsorption, and osmotic equilibria. [1]


The subject of chemical engineering thermodynamics seems to have arisin in the 1920s. [4] Pioneers in this field include American chemical engineers Hendrick Van Ness and Stanley Sandler. Van Ness’ textbook Introduction to Chemical Engineering, now in its seventh edition, having sold over a half-million copies, originated from 1945 lecture notes of Joe Mauk Smith at Purdue University, who was asked to develop a course for chemical engineering undergraduates to replace a general thermodynamics course given by the mechanical engineering department. [2]

Sandler’s very-popular 2006 fourth edition textbook Chemical, Biochemical, and Engineering Thermodynamics, originally published in 1977 as Chemical and Engineering Thermodynamics, was the book used by American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims during his first indoctrination into the science of thermodynamics, in the mid 1990s, particularly the 1989 second edition. [3]

The following timeline, shows the growth of chemical engineering thermodynamics publications from that of the earlier chemical thermodynamics publications in the curriculum of chemical engineers which uses more rigorous mathematics than that learned by the general chemist:

Publication Author [s]
1944 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Barnett Dodge
1949 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Frank Fowler
1956 Principles of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Ernest Wilson and Harold Ries
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics: the Study of Energy, Entropy, and Equilibrium Richard Balzhiser, Michael Samuels, and John Eliassen
1977 Chemical and Engineering Thermodynamics
1985 Thomas Daubert
1996 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics: an Introduction to Thermodynamics for undergraduate Engineering Students Jack Winnick
1997 Y.V.C. Rao
1999 Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Richard Elliott and Carl Lira
2000 A Unified Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics: the Laws of Thermodynamics, Material and Energy Balances, Chemical Thermodynamics, Phase and Chemical Equilibrium Edward Thompson

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