Engineering Mechanics Statics Plesha

Connect for Plesha, Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics, 2e

The Student Activity View allows you to see your student’s progress on a given assignment and you can even see the exact version of the problem they are working on. This helps you determine where a given student may be struggling. Connect’s Section Performance report provides a dashboard view of how well your students are doing on course assignments.

Consolidated Instructor Resources

All of our instructor resources are conveniently housed within Connect — right where you need them — including our PowerPoint files, Instructor Manuals, Test banks, and more. You can access these materials whenever you are online.

No need to reinvent the wheel, share your courses and assignments with peers

This feature permits you to share your assignments with other instructors and colleagues for consistency across multiple sections. You control permissions such as whether another instructor can modify your content or if you will update material and automatically share those revisions. Once assignments are complete generate a number of powerful analytical reports. In the end, everyone involved with your course accomplishes more in less time.

Effortless Grading

Connect’s assignments are auto-graded, saving you time and allowing your students to instantly see how they performed. Connect’s Reports then allow you easily review student and section performance. And for those of you who use Bb, the grades from Connect will seamlessly appear in your Bb grade book.

Lecture Capture with Tegrity

Tegrity makes your classes available anytime, anywhere. With simple, one-click recording, students can search for a word or phrase and be taken to the exact place in your lecture that they need to review.

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